Singing Loudly: Fanning Wichita

Singing Loudly

Monday, June 27, 2005

Fanning Wichita

I grew up in Wichita where we would sit around the fireplace on those cold winter evenings. My stepfather would come into the house with three or four more logs to throw onto the fire.

My sister, being her mischevious self, would sneak off to my room to change the disc in my cd player from Pink Floyd - Wishing You Were Here to something far more montrous like 311. (I'm not sure if would be worse to say you were living in the 70s during the 90s or that you were living in the 90s during the 90s.)

The logs would cackle at me like one of those dark blueish Grackles that plague Texas. They never plagued Wichita but the fire still knew how to emulate them.

Once my sister returned from her betrayal, we would gather round as my stepfather told us about the one the nation now knows at BTK. The story would begin with him opening a letter and reading the words that BTK had written us. Detailing what had happened on those many fateful days.

We'd scream.

He'd sadistically laugh as he went further into the details of the binding, the torture, and the killing...

Ok, wait, maybe not. I actually never knew one thing about BTK despite living in Wichita for 19 some years of my life. Nobody really talked about the BTK. I know that there were many people who were terrorized by the thought of him back when he was murdering very unfortunate victims.

One of the most interesting things to me is that there eare so many people in Wichita who seem to be revelling in the fact that Wichita is finally getting some media attention. I mean, look in this story where you see a 19 year old showing some sort of interest in this as though he had a stake. From the set up, it doesn't seem to be anymore than he was listening to the court proceeding that was broadcast on local radio.

I'm glad that there are some people who feel relief that BTK confessed. I must confess, however, that there is little I trust less than a confession. There is little I agree with less than pleas and confessions in the criminal law practice. I realize their usefulness, but I also see the abuse and corruption they cause to a system that is supposed to produce justice.


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