Singing Loudly: Texas Pride

Singing Loudly

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Texas Pride

The NY Times Magazine has a fun article about how the King of the Hill is a better barometer of the new conservative movement than is South Park.

For those who have somehow missed ''King of the Hill'' during its nine-year run, here's a lightning-quick primer: It revolves around a classic American everyman, the earnest Hank Hill, who sells ''propane and propane accessories'' in the small town of Arlen, Tex. Hank lives with his wife, Peggy, a substitute Spanish teacher who can't really speak Spanish, and his son, Bobby, a sensitive class clown who exhibits none of his father's manliness. (''This is a carburetor,'' Hank tells his son. ''Take it apart, put it back together; repeat until you're normal.'')

I, for one, happen to agree. However, that might be due in large part to being a Texan and loving KotH.

Furthermore, the Magazine's Ethicist actually gets one right with his advice to the best friend who wishes to turn her friend's fiance into INS. Don't do it -- turn him over to a good immigration attorney.


I agree, and I'm a Californian who loves KotH.

By Blogger JM, at 8:51 PM, June 26, 2005  

Best. Show. Ever. I buy every season on DVD the second it becomes available.

Mike Judge is a genius of our time.

By Blogger TP, at 9:45 AM, June 27, 2005  

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