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Singing Loudly

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Healthy Apathy

  • Yesterday was the final day for our BarBri lectures, and I think it was about four hours ago that panic first struck me. I've got three fucking weeks to get adequately prepared for an exam I won't ever be completely prepared for. At this point I'm really unhappy with my knowledge.
  • I wonder if it's improper to notice a girl in the computer room who is cute, see her posting a comment on a blog, and wonder if you should google the blogs name to figure out who this random cute girl is. I was tempted but decided it is probably easier to hit my head into a wall.
  • I'm still disappointed with my own performance with getting to know the random BarBri girl. Actually, she's not so random anymore, but I never asked her out to coffee or lunch. There was one day that I talked to her before we got on the train, sat next to her on the train where we proceeded to discuss everything from our undergrads to Tom Cruise to her federal clerkship to our favorite authors. Why did I not ask her out to coffee when she got up to exit the train?

Such is life.



I swear to you, you will be ok for the bar exam. This is right the time where I cracked down - and I hadn't even finished the lectures yet. So I know that you are fine. It's this panic thing. And you won't know everything - you don't need to. It's the forest for the trees thing - you just need a general idea.

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