Singing Loudly: Defending the Unorganized

Singing Loudly

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Defending the Unorganized

For the record, I agree with Chris at MyDD:

However, it is pretty clear that we are going to have to create some sort of blogger defense organization that protects our rights as political activists and as journalists. A blogger lobby is now a necessity. Let the organizing in our self-defense begin.

This arose from the recent ruling in favor of Apple Computers against three online websites.

Of course, bloggers need to be careful what they post online. This isn't letters to friends, confidential emails, or other things that probably will never be seen. What you post online is there for everyone to read. With search engines and technorati you can be found in search engines in a matter of days concerning any particular post.

That said, I think that some bad things are to come if we don't fight a little for our own interests.


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