Singing Loudly: Easter Surprises

Singing Loudly

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Surprises

Easter has always been a difficult holiday for me for a couple of reasons. Part of it has to do with my Christian beliefs and the other part has to do with family relations. Easter is a huge deal with my family. When I was young we would wake up early and wear our new Easter outfits to church. Then the outfits changed to just Sunday's best as I grew older. However, the occasion was always the same.

We would have a homemade breakfast in the morning. Everyone would go to Church together and listen to the usual Easter Sunday service. There was always good music, lots of people who we knew, and an interesting sermon. Then we'd have a very light lunch to tide us over until our Easter dinner.

The Easter story has always been one that I looked at more from the angle of a wrongful conviction. It is the story that has fueled my desire to help the helpless. It justifies why the government needs to have talented, intelligent, and passionate defense attorneys who will fight for the criminal defendant. Government fucks too much shit up to not have this in place. Government fucking shit up is the reason we have Easter. Pilate and Herod were nothing but government officials who were too entrenched in believing they could only do right. Same thing with Ciaphas and all the others who were involved in the crucifixion.

That's why I can't believe President Bush's foolish hypocrisy when he said this about the Schiavo case:

This is a complex case with serious issues. But in extraordinary circumstances like this, it is wise to err on the side of life.

You have never, ever, ever fucking erred on the side of life. Who do you think you are kidding? From your time in Texas where you killed hundreds of people on death row to this Iraq war where you allowed thousands of Americans to die and untold amounts of Iraqis (civilians and soldiers) to die do nothing but show you prefer to err on the side of killing.

If anyone prefers to err on the side of life it would be someone like Illinois Governor Ryan who looked at the irrefutable proof that 17 innocent people were sitting on death row in Illinois. So what did he do? He admitted that the system is greatly flawed and commuted the sentences of death for everyone on death row in Illinois to life sentences in prison. That is erring on the side of life. President Bush, you are no Governor Ryan. You are a coward who hides behind his political office and errs on the side of killing.

You kill first and figure out the mistakes later.

You did not grant clemency to anyone on death row in your time as governor of Texas. That was two death row executions a month in your time in office: 152 executions total during that period.

Texas is the state that kills more people on death row than any of the other states combined. You helped to further this corrupt, unconstitutional, anti-Christian, and anti-life system.

Say what you will President Bush but don't ever say that you prefer to err on the side of life. Don't ever become a lying hypocrite.

Easter serves to remind me of how dangerous government is and how many mistakes it can make. I wish that more people would err on the side of life but government does not. This Easter I hope that everyone is reminded how precious life is and how much we need to fight for it. How important family is and how much we have to fight for family. Life is important and it deserves people who will fight for all life whether or not it is popular.


"Don't ever become a lying hypocrite."

Oh, Curtis, he did that a LONG time ago.

By Blogger Me, at 8:16 PM, March 27, 2005  

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