Singing Loudly: Professor Quotes: William Dorsaneo edition

Singing Loudly

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Professor Quotes: William Dorsaneo edition

I always enjoy when Amber and Will post interesting quotes from their law professors at Harvard and Yale. While I don't have any professors nearly that famous, I did have William Dorsaneo who wrote the Texas Litigation Guide. I guess he has a little fame from that. He is also arrogant, conceited, and extremely funny to listen to in class.

I only went to about one class a week, but I jotted down a few things.

"You guys laugh about being sued for $2000, but I'll bet if you were actually sued for that you'd be upset. Fuck, I'm filthy rich and I'd be pissed off."

"Lawyers are required to do pro bono stuff like shovel horse shit."

"It'd be very hard to go hunting if I were blind."

"You guys are smarter than pigs, but not by much."

"Do you have days where you just don't remember what you did? All of 1968 is like that for me."

"It will make you want to crap your pants!" (Talking about class action suits)

"Do a half-assed, decent job and they'll be ringing bells."

"A writ is better than a bucket of spit, but not by much?"

"Law tends to be very legalistic."

Does the Texas Supreme Corut like attorneys' fees? Shit no."

"I'm not sure there's a God, but I'm very sure there's a devel"

"Any bum on the street in a deaf case is worth a million dollars."

"Was that my phone that rang? If that was my phone -- well, I'm regarded as important."

More quotes to come later. I'm sure you are all wishing you could have good ole Texas law professors at this point.


My Fed Courts professor quoted Samuel L. Jackson ("That's a bold statement.") in class the other day. Coming from Ernest Young, it was pretty funny.

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