Singing Loudly: Oh to the purveyors of hate mail

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh to the purveyors of hate mail

From reading this blog you might note that I've got a bundle of political opinions that aren't always of interest to many in the red states. You might also have noticed that I convince people to stage my four producible plays in mainly red states. It's not to cause a stir or anything, but that is usually the result. A couple theater companies, including the one this year, forwarded the hate mail they received to me.

Fun times.

I can't understand why people send hate mail for a play they don't agree with. They might pay to get in, but usually the reviews and the word of mouth and a little research into the playwright ought to suggest it might not be a subject matter with which you'll agree.

I ignore the hate mail. If there is legitimate criticism than I'll listen and try to make myself better.

Will Baude, the other day, asked this question about the Jeremy Blachman (who I find amusing) blowup:

I must admit at the outset that this kind of complaining has always struck me as a trifle strange-- I am not sure why it bothers Soupie that other people derive pleasure from reading things written by still other people, even when Soupie himself fails to find them funny.

The simple answer for why it bothers them is that they are full of shit.

They are more annoying than those of the people who go to a play and then send the theater company hate mail. They peruse for free. They click the links and return when they don't like it. They flyspeck the words you write. Then they, hidden behind their computer, post their blogcrappings. They don't offer anything of construction and they don't ignore what they just can't stand.

Do with their comments what I do with my hate mail: laugh at it and throw it away.


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