Singing Loudly: Netflix Begins

Singing Loudly

Monday, January 03, 2005

Netflix Begins

Ok, since I'm saving 35 dollars on cable every month, I decided that it would only be fair to sign up to spend more money. I signed myself up for Netflix.

It was all part of my ingenious plan to watch only what I want to watch and buy fewer DVDs.

Tell me good readers -- at least the good readers who use or have used netflix -- when will the fun begin? I've added about 50ish tv shows, movies, and gummy bears to my queue. I'm ready to rule!


Once you've realized that you only check your mail to see if a new movie has come. Then you rush home to watch it and send it out the next day, so that in three days you can repeat the procedure. My mail man loves when I'm Netflix active, he doesn't have to be creative about adding mail to the nearly full box. 

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