Singing Loudly: Attention Tom Delay and Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Singing Loudly

Friday, November 19, 2004

Attention Tom Delay and Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Senator Hutchinson,

I saw your comment that you made about the criminal justice system where you say this about the District Attorney in Travis County (Austin), Texas:

I know he prosecutes for political purposes. He did it to me. And I think it is a very dangerous thing to criminalize politics.

Perhaps if you didn't do illegal things then you wouldn't be prosecuted. Ok, ok, so you weren't found guilty of the charge. Maybe, just maybe, you don't understand the criminal justice system. See, in order to get a grand jury indictment you don't have the protection of "beyond all reasonable doubt." The Grand Jury has to believe there is "probable cause" to indict you. Probable cause is a much lower standard. Get it? Probably not, because you don't want to get it. You want to keep your eyes shut to the fact that you do shady things that give probable cause as to abuse of power. Stop doing that shit and you won't have indictments against you.

If you really believe that you were prosecuted for malicious reasons you, and your army of attorneys, would have brought a malicious prosecution suit. You surely know what one of those is, right? You didn't bring one because you knew you couldn't win. What is more, you didn't bring one because you knew that information would get out that would show your true colors to the voters in Texas who blindly vote for you. You were smart enough to know that the evidence that could come into that suit would be otherwise protected. You didn't want the shit to hit the fan, so you didn't bring a malicious prosecution suit.

If you want to bitch about a malicious prosecution than do it the courts instead of trying to do a smear job. Delay is a fucking scoundrel. Your only tarnishing your own reputation more as you continue to stick your neck out for that loser.


P.S. for extra reading check this out.


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