Singing Loudly: Attention Republicans

Singing Loudly

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Attention Republicans

With this recent election sweep spurring the easy change from a somewhat ethical House to a shit-spitting House of squalor (that's a Texas caloqialism); the proposed change to the filibuster rules; and even the argument that the Rookie from Texas Senator John Cornyn should get the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee over a 24-year incumbent, I've got a few other suggestions for an creative Congress.

  • Two terms really isn't enough for the President. Let's change it to as many as you want. However, since Clinton would come back and win, put in a rule that the terms have to be consecutive. It's what the people want, right?!

  • There is too much dischord in the Congress. Why don't we make it so that the parties alter days they are are allowed on the floor.

  • Then we drop the amount of votes needed to just over 50%!

  • No need to wait for Supreme Court Justices to leave...let's just add more seats that Bush can fill.

  • Forget about the Amendment to allow foreign born citizens to run for President...let's make it so only Texans can run for President.

  • Only Texans can serve in the President's cabinet...

  • Only Texans can lead Senate and House Committees...

  • and Texas gets all of California's electoral votes.

  • Congress can no longer overturn a Presidential veto.

  • If any country gives us the "stink eye" (Thank you John Steward...I'm still laughing) we can preemtively attack...this means you Chirac.

  • No more Monday Night Football if they continue to insinuate that blacks and whites can have sex together...blasphemy.

  • Burn the Constitution and start anew. I think that Bob Jones and Bush should be the drafters; the red states can look over the draft and sign it into law.

I'm full of more ideas if only the Republicans ask for my assistance.


Hey Curtis! I have a question, does the above work for relatives of Texas? Or will they have to get a PO Box there? 

Posted by kmsqrd

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:18 PM, November 18, 2004  

Are you wanting to run for office? If so, I think that you have to be a Texas resident yourself. I'll advice them that there ought to be an ownership of a pick up truck requirement too. 

Posted by Curtis

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:27 PM, November 18, 2004  

Classic. Sad. But classic. 

Posted by Stephanie

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 PM, November 18, 2004  

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