Singing Loudly: Favorite Current Justices: Writing Style Criteria

Singing Loudly

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Favorite Current Justices: Writing Style Criteria

If I was asked to name my favorite justice, but I was told to do it based on their style of writing, I would say Samuel Alito. I know that he hasn't written many opinions on the Supreme Court, however, I've been impressed with those and prior opinions. I also read, in the University of Penn law journal, a memorial authored by Alito which was one of my favorite in memoriums.

A close second would probably be Justice Thomas who is deftly capable of breaking down very complex areas of law and making them sensible and quite easy to understand. I also feel a good amount of humbleness when I read his opinions as if he is fully aware of his intelligence but respects the intellect of those reading and applying his opinions.

Both of those choices are possibly surprising because I'm a liberal. However, this isn't opinions that I necessarily agree with. As far as the more liberal justices, I would say either Kennedy (who can't really count as one of the liberals on the court) or Souter.

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