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Singing Loudly

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Linking Out

Today and tomorrow I'm going to post some links in here to various blog postings that have engaged, amused, angered, etc me this past week. I haven't linked out much lately so here goes...

Scott Henson has a post that illustrates the disconnect that many people (including liberals) have concerning the ACLU's stance on the 2nd Amendment (at least the Texas affiliate).

Not surprisingly, Mel Gibson and his lawyer are lacking in humour and understanding parody. Oh, and his attorney needs to send cease and desist letters by certified mail if he's serious about claiming that it has to be down by "5 p.m. tomorrow" so he has a record of when it arrived.

Amber urges pre-law type students not to go to law school if they don't really love practicing law. At least not if you're just going to accrue some 100k of students loans that you'll have to pay off for 15 years before you can do something you really love.

Guess who is a Republican and who is a Democrat (I got 7 out of 10 correct).


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