Singing Loudly: Hug It Out Bitch

Singing Loudly

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hug It Out Bitch

It is sort of a hands down contest right now that Entourage is consistently the best tv show on any channel right now. I am certainly a fan, or I at least respect, the other brilliant shows on tv. Entourage has no trouble standing up next to the likes of Gilmore Girls, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Veronica Mars, and Deadwood. Furthermore, for it's comedy genre, Entourage has taken Sex and the City and demolished it.

This past week the New York Times ran an article that focused in large part on Jeremy Piven's outstanding role as Ari Gold as the agent for Vince on the show.

Hug it out, bitch has become a mantra for those who are in the know. But this phrase signifies so much more:

The intricacies of male interdependence -- the infallible hierarchy, the twin fears of marriage and solitude, the generously distributed rage -- all contribute to avid comedy. "Entourage" contains the delicious poison of a David Mamet play: It makes you lose your moral bearings and cheer for depraved sleazeballs.

Here Ari Gold is a hero.

This weekend was another fanciful performance by all the characters ending with a wonderful little Japanese commercial parody for an "energy" drink. Entourage is reason enough to subscribe to HBO, however, if nothing else you ought to buy/rent the first season.

"Entourage" makes HBO's "Sex and the City" seem, in retrospect, like nothing more than a one-note celebration of pluckiness. By contrast, "Entourage" does not patronize its characters or its audience: It is a multilayered, adult and thoroughly funny show about various male fantasies of teamwork and individualism.


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