Singing Loudly: Ranting About Human Rights Tragedies All Around

Singing Loudly

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ranting About Human Rights Tragedies All Around

There are currently people being boiled in Uzbekistan. Some of the most foul human rights violations are occurring there right now. It's disgusting, appalling, and something America cares very little about. Instead of hearing about this terrible shit that is going on the media is playing fucking bullshit about Michael Jackson running around in pajamas.

Does nobody feel anything for these people who were born into a shittier situation than anyone reading this could ever imagine? The only reason some Americans cared about this is because we purposely sent people there to be tortured. America sent people to be tortured by human rights violators who should be prosecuted.

America does care more though about this. America cares enough about these human rights tragedies to do all they fucking can to dismantle the UN and the various human rights courts that are situated around the world. The only true reason (and the Republicans will feed you all sorts of bullshit to try to justify why they are heartless) is because they are worried that Americans will be held accountable for the fucking illegal shit they do in other countries.

America also cares enough about this to make it even more difficult for refugees to ever be able to get into our country. Our country that has the Statue of Liberty inviting the tired and the weary. The same country that more than likely every person reading this entered as an immigrant at one point. This same country is in the business of making sure nobody without white skin can get into our country. The Real ID Act was just signed by President Bush.

This is horrible, horrible stuff that is going on. I realize that we can't help every person but we can be informed. We can realize that something has to be done. It's depressing that genocide is happening. Danfur is terrible. The simplest way to help this is to invest in other countries. To work with the UN millennium Fund.

We need to get America back. Do something today and at least read a decent news service like the BBC. You're not going to find any of this on bullshit stations like CNN or Fox News. Those worthless stations need to crumble.


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