Singing Loudly: In Positive News...

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In Positive News...

Will discovers the wonder of Rufus Wainwright, who does write a good song or two on Poses. I also am particularly fond of Want One (haven't bought Want Two, yet). In my opinion, In A Graveyard is the most beautiful song on Poses. There is no denial, however, that Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk is both joyfully playful and full of well-crafted irony. My favorite Wainwright song is still his cover of Hedwig's The Origin of Love. Truly, truly fantastic.

Speaking of music, perhaps Mr. Baude will soon see the brilliance of the Drive By Truckers ("DBT")? I'm not exactly sure of all his musical sensibilities, but I am not sure whether DBT would fit into that mold from what I have gathered. I do know that Evan Schaeffer bought one DBT album on my suggestion, and has since purchased the bulk of the albums available. Of course, my love of DBT came from Spencer at Mediocrity's Co-Pilot. We could all start a blogging musical revolution with the DBT love spreading from blog to blog.


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