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Singing Loudly

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Not Surprised

I'm not at all surprised that many fellow bloggers and friends are upset with the decision by the Supreme Court today. This is one of the more politically charged opinions written by the court in quite awhile. I think that a large part of the anger coming from conservatives is brought about because it was Kennedy (who for all intents and purposes is one of "their" justices) who wrote the opinion.

I'm not surprised that you are upset with the opinion. I know that many of these people will make the superfluous argument that it is the "reasoning" and not the "result" that they are upset with. Orin Kerr has already done it.

I am disappointed with what I've been reading. Gravely disappointed with the lack of understanding of the precise issue. Instead of rising beyond the political blinders that are obviously clouding their morality they hide behind abject judicial lenses that don't offer anything other than mindless droning.

Kennedy is not a good opinion writer. He has never been good at writing opinions. However, in this case his result and the way he got to the result are not wrong. In this case it is Scalia who has written an embarrassing, disgraceful, and upsetting dissent. Scalia's dissent is an example of something I would show people to warn them to stay the fuck away from law. Scalia's dissent is nothing but a misguided disgrace to both the law and our society.

Law makes too many people soul less drones. That's what unfortunately appears to be happening lately to some people who are otherwise very good, honest, and probably fun people.


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