Singing Loudly: The Singing Loudly 10, 5, and 2

Singing Loudly

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Singing Loudly 10, 5, and 2

10 most recent songs on my Itunes

Five Iron Frenzy - You Can't Handle This (live)
Unwound - One Lick Less
Big Boi - Last Call
Havalina Rail Co. - Cruis'n
Radiohead - The Gloaming
Over the Rhine - All I Need is Everything
Jump Little Children - Education
Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Sunny Day Real Estate - 48
Howie Day - Trouble In Here

5 ways to make grilled cheese

1. With two slices of sharp cheddar, one slice of marble Colby jack, cooked on a frying pan with plenty of butter

2. Velvetta over a frying pan with plenty of butter

3. Using potato bread!

4. On the George Foreman Grill

5. With America cheese (not preferred)

2 finals I'm preparing for today

1. Constitutional Criminal Procedure
2. Consumer Law


AHA! So YOU'RE the other person in this world who still listens to Sunny Day Real Estate. :) 

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:00 PM, November 28, 2004  

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