Singing Loudly: Reinstating the Death Penalty/Removing the Death Penalty

Singing Loudly

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Reinstating the Death Penalty/Removing the Death Penalty

Sri Lanka has joined the company of other great countries like America that provide for the Death Penalty.

President Kamaratunga reinstated the death penalty on Saturday, for rape, murder and drug dealing.

Don't believe people when they tell you that America is the lone civilized nation that provides for the death penalty as a form of punishment.

Even Vietnam is saying they have special needs that require the death penalty at an EU convention held in Vietnam a few days ago.

He said the death penalty is applicable to special criminal cases with the aim of preventing and admonishing crimes, but not for those criminals who are juveniles, pregnant women or women nurturing under-three children.

It is fair to say that we're one of the few nations that allow for the juvenile death penalty. Even Vietnam wont' join us on this...

There is a push in Korea to get rid of capital punishment as another innocent person was nearly executed:

Back in 1980, military coup leaders condemned Kim to death after he was convicted of treason in a court-martial. But under pressure from the international community, they suspended his sentence and freed him in 1982.

No wonder the freedom fighter, who rose from death row to the presidency, did not allow any execution during his five-year term in office that ended in February 2003. None of the convicts on the death row, now numbering 59, has since been executed.

Now, lawmakers are moving to abolish the death penalty itself

It's not probable that Korea will get rid of the death penalty any time soon. There is stronger public support for the death penalty in Korea than in America.

New York is considering getting rid of the death penalty as an option for punishment

On Tuesday, Silver said public hearings on the death penalty would be held Dec. 15 in New York City and Jan. 25 in Albany. Since the death penalty was reinstated in New York in 1995, seven men have been sentenced to die. None were executed. While Silver is a proponent of the death penalty, many of his Democratic colleagues in the chamber are opposed.

Don't expect those talks to go very far.


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