Singing Loudly: Scenes from a law school library

Singing Loudly

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Scenes from a law school library

This is my first post from the library this school year. I simply haven't been in this place to study. Surprisingly there are a lot of people here today. In my general area I can only see three others, but I saw a lot more when I came in. To my right is a cute girl who is in my consumer law class. To my left is a girl working on her first year outlines. She has her keys on the table and it is clear she has mace. I won't bother her during her outlining. Then across the way is some guy who's doing the whole kick-back-and-relax method of studying that is better left for your living room. I'm not sure why people suddenly think this place is a lounge, it's not. I'm getting the least amount of work done out of anyone I can see. Woohoo.


Mmmm cute girls from class make studying so much easier. 

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:51 PM, November 28, 2004  

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