Singing Loudly: Cloudy Minds Can't See

Singing Loudly

Monday, October 25, 2004

Cloudy Minds Can't See

I would like to believe that this article, 100 Facts and 1 Opinion, would be enough to convince some of the uninformed Bush supporters to do something to help this country. However, it seems that many of these uninformed Bush supporters are unwilling to listen to facts. Instead they will hold tight to a President who, good intentioned or not, is actively hurting our country, because he is saying the things they want to hear.

It seems that many of the Republican Party supporters, who are well informed, have decided to vote against Bush because he is bad for the country and probably bad for the Republican Party. Just in the blogosphere there have been Republicans such as Professor Drezner and Laura from 11d who are looking at the real impact of this administration and voting for what they think will be better for the country and probably the Republican Party.

Perhaps a few of the undecided voters will read those facts, supported with credible sources, and vote for Kerry.

[Sources for articles: Leiter Report and Volokh]


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