Singing Loudly: French Misery (or Cinco de Mayo is woefully misunderstood)

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

French Misery (or Cinco de Mayo is woefully misunderstood)

I've now heard a handful of, no doubt, loyal patriots talking about how they won't celebrate Mexico winning independence on Cinco de Mayo until they celebrate the 4th of July. Interesting argument because it shows how very, very, very little people know about world history.

Perhaps that is more pronounces with xenophobes, racists, and the like? I dunno, but I can't remember a time that I ever assumed that Cinco de Mayo was about independence. Independence for Mexico is a fascinating part of Mexican history and world history but it's not what Cinco de Mayo is about.

Cinco de Mayo is about something that many of these handful of people might savor: the defeat of the French. You hated the French so much that you wouldn't even allow a disgustingly grotesque fattening food to be called French anymore. You had to call them Freedom Fries as you shoved them down your mouth. Wondering why your pant size recently increased from a 40 to a 42. It's not because you hate the French!

Yes, Cinco de Mayo is about the Mexican army defeating the French in the Battle of Puebla. Most Americans don't go out and celebrate Mexican Independence but we do love to drink some cerveza and margaritas on 5/5 each year.

Perhaps as you down a beer and your Freedom Fries you can think of how much you hate the French in addition to Hispanics?

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:14 AM, May 06, 2009  

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