Singing Loudly: Short Movie Watching Update

Singing Loudly

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Short Movie Watching Update

Last night, after church, I decided to pop in a movie that came via Netflix. I watched Live Flesh (i.e. Carne Trémula), which is one of Pedro Almodóvar's films. While Almodóvar does a brilliant job of filming this movie, I didn't really like the story. I mean, I liked it better than most of the films out there, but I still think he's capable of much more. I don't think this is a must see by any means.

Coming up in the to be watched pile are Almost Famous (I am one of two people who haven't seen this) and Ran (a Japanese adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear!). I think that I'll make my friends watch Ran with me while they are here visiting.


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