Singing Loudly: Childish Bainbridge

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Childish Bainbridge

Professor Bainbridge is correct to point out the potential irony (Bainbridge is often full of assumptions, here is it that these students will not later clean up their postings. Typically Bainbridge's assumptions turn out incorrect -- and as I've evidenced numerous times, hypocritical; but I think his assumption this time will be correct) of protestors fighting for custodians, groundskeepers, and others when they are littering the area.

However, Bainbridge is wholly incorrect to make the following generalization:

Most of the kids probably don't have limos yet, since in this town kids with limos tend to go to USC, but they certainly have got the whole limousine liberal mentality down pat.

I'm certainly not sure why Bainbridge feels that his discourse has to come down to personal attacks of liberals, but I think he's misguided in his little rant. This doesn't come down to whether or not these people have money. How Bainbridge reaches this conclusion shows nothing beyond the fact that he's incapable of rationally looking at politics. Rather, this comes down to maturity and political expression. The students are immature in their exercise of political protest and will hopefully learn from their missteps.

Bainbridge however could use a little more maturity of his own as comments like this fly in the face of the fact that he's a rather intelligent law professor. It's time to move beyond witless attacks.


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