Singing Loudly: Not Everyone

Singing Loudly

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Not Everyone

Ms. Malkin,

Just because you are a heartless, selfish, fool doesn't mean every other minority in the United States is going to choose to be like you, nor does this entitle you to any respect from anyone.


Minority Democrats in public office are inspirational role models. Minority Republicans in public office are embarrassing sellouts.

Continue to whine. You've discredited yourself so much that you'll never gain the respect as an intelligent commentator again.

Also, jealous is really not becoming.

After Mr. Obama's Democratic National Convention address this summer, the New York Times exulted: "As quickly as overnight, a new Democratic star is born." A headline in the Christian Science Monitor echoed: "A star is born." USA Today panted: "Rising star brings Democrats to their feet." NBC's Andrea Mitchell enthused: "I think the real breakout tonight is Obama. I mean Teresa is a fascinating story, but Obama is a rock star." And Newsweek's Howard Fineman proclaimed: "He is the best argument for the American dream that's around in politics."

The sad thing is that your shrill isn't nearly as good as the vapid shit that comes from Ann Coulter. Thanks for playing.

Source: the Washington Times.


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