Singing Loudly: Corporal Punishment in Tennessee

Singing Loudly

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Corporal Punishment in Tennessee

Were you interested in working for the Red Bank, Tennessee Tasty Flavor Sno Biz Treat Center franchise? If so, you'd better be ready for a spanking.

Apparently the good Christian owner, Paul Gene Levengood, liked to spank his employees when they made mistakes (e.g. forgetting to add bananas to the smoothies) and then take photos for his private collection. That banana mistake was enough to warrant twenty spanks. Ouch!

One of the women told police that on her first day at the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz, Levengood made her sign a statement that said: "I give Gene permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit."

What a kind boss. Instead of firing you, you just have to get a few spanks.

If I took a job and didn't get spanked, but instead fired for forgetting to add bananas, would I have a equal protection/EEOC grievance?


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