Singing Loudly: No More Toasters on the Road

Singing Loudly

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No More Toasters on the Road

I don't care if you want to waste untold amounts of money on gas every time you fill up. I care a little bit that you are so presumptious that you think it's only your concern that you're hurting the environment, air quality, global temperatures, etc more than other responsible car owners, but I cannot stand that you have such pathetic taste in aesthetics that you would purposely buy an ugly piece of crap like the H2.

Seriously, do the owners of the H2 have zero taste? It's pathetic that anyone would buy such a souless, unimaginative, crappy looking excuse for a design. You are driving an oversized toaster down the road, fool.

Thankfully GMC has decided not to put anymore of the eyesores on the road. Good riddance to bad taste.


It's fascist chic, baby! Get with the program!

By Anonymous The Butcher, at 8:28 PM, March 12, 2008  

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