Singing Loudly: Credit Disputes

Singing Loudly

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Credit Disputes

I just looked at my online credit card statement and noticed that it was overdrawn by about $750. My first thought was that I had spent far more drinking than I normally do. That, however, was not the case as I looked closer at my charges. Now, I don't normally divulge a lot of my personal life, but I guess I will share a little about myself. My charges on the credit card since March 16 are as follows:

7-11 (29.50) -- gas
Netflix (19.47) -- entertainment
Apple Store (269) -- nano to listen to at work
Taco Cabana (.85) -- hmm, i think the cashier rang up incorrectly
Best Buy (53.01) -- sister's birthday and a cd
YAH (3.99) -- need to cancel...didn't realize it automatically renewed
Racetrac (26.25) -- gas (see, I am not loyal)
Centennial (15.14) -- alcohol (Becks)
Amoco (17.75) --- gas --- in manhattan, ny!
Racetrac (28.50) -- gas
MTA Vending maching (80.00) -- I don't ride the sub or live in NY
Pilot (326.25) -- gas in Midway, FL
Pilot (450.52) -- gas in Louisiana
AC&T(553.24) -- ??? in Maryland
Amoco -- (31.45) Gas in Brooklyn
Overlimit fee -- (29.00)

Capitalone has already put me in collections despite this obvious fraud that began 4/3/2006. I only found it from looking online as my card was declined. Obviously a big problem. Despite being a no hassle card -- I'm put in fraud.


Wow, holy crap. Perhaps their idea of what is a "hassle" differs from yours and mine. It sounds like a hassle to me!

I know your situation isn't very funny but it does remind me of how Laney pays back her psychic friends phone bill with her parents' gas card in Reality Bites.

By Blogger E. McPan, at 6:49 PM, April 12, 2006  

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