Singing Loudly: Information concerning the author of this weblog

Singing Loudly

Monday, March 29, 2004

Information concerning the author of this weblog

I am:

-a proud redhead.
-easily excited.
-addicted to witty tv shows (be they on air or on DVD).
-hopelessly single.
-wishing I was a mathematician (I count with fingers; ok maybe not).
-allergic to nothing.
-often smiling.
-a performed playwright.
-usually have a positive outlook but not an idealist.
-a strong democratic liberal.
-a fan of literature (both classics and new authors).
-often sending friends letters.
-pro-women's right to choose.
-watching every Coen brothers's movie.
-spending time with my lovely cat, Sophia Coppela.
-often making tasty enchiladas (about the only thing I can cook)
-better at eating those enchiladas.
-a former cross-country runner.
-human rights oriented.
-angry when good tv shows are canceled
-a fan of getting a beer with friends.
-dreaming of meeting alison krauss.
-a lawyer in Texas.
-witty but kind.
-unsure of my future.
-a rabbid anti-dentite.

About the Name of this blog and Address:

Singing Loudly means nothing significant. I don't sing, can't sing, and really have no business singing, so I never sing loudly.

Fakecurtis is merely a playful way of admitting a construction is going on here. Like anything in life, you don't get to see all of one person if you are merely experiencing a minor part of who they are. We create fictions, hopefully in good faith, about who we are to benefit ourselves. However, it's only one fraction of a larger equation. It doesn't mean that the limited personal information is a lie. It's actually all quite true and the feelings are all my own. But I will be the first to admit that if you met me in person you would probably see me differently (hopefully for better) than what you get here.

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